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Wearable Device

How It All Works

Wearable technology is a brand new booming market with a huge variety of products. The main health of a dog relies on its whereabouts and activity throughout the day. The dog’s health is also related to its mood. When a dog has a positive relationship with its owner the dog is happier. Understanding your dog bread will help you have a better connection with your dog. By tracking the location, activity and receiving more information about dog bread, the general health of a dog will be increased. The owner will save money on visits to the vet because they will be more aware of their dog’s health. This app is geared towards creating a better lifestyle for both the owner and the dog. The dogs health matters just as much as our own. Having a way of tracking your dog will help improve our dogs health. A new app that connects to the collar on your pet will improve the health between you and your pet.